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About LMNO Tees

LMNO - All you wanted to know and more ABOUT US

mandy, taken on the worst day of her life.
(we'll try to get some better ones...)

LMNO Tees (êl-êm-ên-o-TEEZ) was brought into the world as the ugly stepchild of what used to be called Empire 9 Apparel. We did well as E9, but the owner decided he was tired of the business operating, in his words, "as if it was run by an inebriated brontosaurus" and wanted it to run "as smooth as a buttered bowling ball on ice". Who are we to argue with that logic?

True to his word, here we are with a catchy new name, a new order management/fulfillment system, new slogans, new products, and our new models! Is good for make romance explosion!

We are very concerned with our impact on the planet, and we make every effort to minimize it. Some of our practices include:

  • We recycle EVERY POSSIBLE piece of waste
  • We use all high-efficiency flourescent bulbs throughout our facility
    (during most hours, we use less than 100 watts to light our ENTIRE facility)
  • We turn off all equipment when it is not in use
  • We reuse shipment packaging whenever possible
  • We print on recycled paper whenever possible
  • We aim to use organic fabrics exclusively within 2 years
We're not perfect, but we're trying.

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Our humble beginnings came in 2003 as a garment decorator for local schools, clubs and churchs in Santa Barbara, CA. Quickly realizing that market was already saturated, we started our own brand of t-shirts with our own designs and let the customers come to us. And they did. And we love them all for it. *wink*

THEN: 3 previous locations, more than 20,000 shirts sold, 6 employees, and more than our share of faulty equipment.

NOW: a new website (you've already made it that far), new equipment, new products, and a renewed commitment to serving you...on our hands and knees...keep it clean.

is ready to rock the proverbial "cradle of love".

We're ready to sex you up.

We're ready to tell with your achy breaky heart, whether or not it will understand.

And, we're ready to create some bitchin' new t-shirts for you to wear while you take over the world!

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You like funny t-shirts? LMNO Tees has all the funny shirts you can handle. We specialize in vintage t-shirts, funny tshirts, clever shirts and 80s tees. Send us a picture of you wearing our funny tees and we'll put you on our website!
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