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Money Makin'

So, you wanna make some money?
You've come to the right place.

LMNO Tees offers a lucrative affiliate program for just about anyone! Why join our affiliate program? Here are some good reasons:
  • Earn 12% of every sale you refer!
  • Highly-qualified affliliates can get up to 20% commission!
  • Earn $3 for each affliate you refer, plus 10% of ALL their commissions
  • Average ticket about $40 = nearly $5 per referral
  • Completely, utterly, 100% FREE!
  • No kittens or puppies are harmed during production!

Our program is great for a variety of internet users, but specifically geared toward those below:
  • Bloggers, especially those with high traffic
  • Forum readers (put us in your signature)
  • Website owners
  • Complementary businesses (accessories, jewelry, etc)
  • MySpace users
Its free money in your pocket everytime someone buys from us... You can't lose!

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